Lisa Windsteiger

Lisa Windsteiger on wealth inequality and inheritance taxation

Lisa Windsteiger, Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg since mid-April, talks about wealth inequality and inheritance tax in a TV documentary on wealth distribution and fairness in Germany (from around minute 8:40). Tune in!

Published on 12 June 2023
Florian Huber

Florian Huber elected fellow of Society for Economic Measurement (SEM)

Florian Huber (PLUS) has been elected as a fellow of the Society for Economic Measurement (SEM). His exceptional achievements in the field of macroeconometrics have led to this recognition as a SEM Fellow. We congratulate our colleague Florian Huber and the other esteemed scholars who have been elected as SEM Fellows in 2023.

Published on 02 June 2023