Overview of DK faculty members and research areas

Florian Hutzler
Associate Member:  Stefan Hawelka
General Research Area: Visual word recognition
Scientific Discipline: Cognitive Science

Eva Jonas
Associate Member: Johannes Klackl
General Research Area: Threat and Perspective Taking
Scientific Discipline: Social Psychology

Martin Kronbichler
Associate Member:  Fabio Richlan
General Research Area: Using fMRI, MRI, EEG and TMS to understand normaland impaired cognition. Functional and structural neuroanatomy of neurological and psychiatric disorders.
Scientific Discipline: Cognitive Neuroscience & Functional Neuroimaging

Josef Perner
Associate Member:  Matthias Schurz
General Research Area: Theory of mind (perspective taking), Consciousness, Episodic Memory
Scientific Discipline: Cognitive Science

Belinda Pletzer
Associate Member:  Markus Aichhorn
General Research Area: Influence of Sex Hormones on Brain & Cognition
Scientific Discipline: Neuroendocrinology

Manuel Schabus
Associate Member:  Kerstin Hödlmoser
General Research Area: Cognitive Processing in Sleep & Coma ( www.sleepscience.at, Workgroup Schabus)
Scientific Discipline: Biological Psychology

Eugen Trinka
Associate Member:  Yvonne Höller
General Research Area: Epilepsy
Scientific Discipline: Neurology

Nathan Weisz
Associate Member:  Anne Hauswald
General Research Area: Cognitive neuroscience of the auditory system
Scientific Discipline: Biological Psychology

Frank Wilhelm
Associate Member:  Jens Blechert
General Research Area: Emotion regulation, Stress, Neural Processes of Mental Disorders and Psychotherapy
Scientific Discipline: Clinical Psychology

Former members

Hubert Haider
Associate Member: Dietmar Röhm
General Research Area: Psycholinguistics of Syntactic Processing
Scientific Discipline: Linguistics

Hubert Kerschbaum
Associate Member: Belinda Pletzer
General Research Area: Sex-dependent Differences in Stress Response and Number Processing
Scientific Discipline: Cell Biology

Wolfgang Klimesch
Associate Member: Manuel Schabus
General Research Area: Functional Meaning of EEG Brain Oscillations
Scientific Discipline: Biological Psychology

Gunther Ladurner
Associate Member: Martin Kronbichler
General Research Area: Dementia (Alzheimers), Consciousness in Vegetative State
Scientific Discipline: Cognitive Neurology

Heinz Wimmer
Associate Member: Florian Hutzler
General Research Area: Reading and Dyslexia
Scientific Discipline: Neurocognition