General Scientific Conception of the DK

The DK aims to provide a solid cognitive science oriented background in psychology with a foundation in neuroscientific methods. On the basis of the currently available faculty the core areas are biological psychology, cognitive development, consciousness studies, decision theory, developmental and learning disorders, and (psycho-) linguistics. An effort is made to extend this approach to important areas of psychology that are not traditionally core cognitive science, i.e., clinical and social psychology, and psychotherapy. The students will not only be exposed to this interdisciplinary environment but will be steeped in interdisciplinary thinking, discussion, and cross-disciplinary evaluation through personal supervision by more than one faculty member (specialisation) and through common discussion groups (journal club) led by faculty members with different backgrounds.
In addition, all faculty members share a commitment to investigate their respective research areas with neuroscientific methods. Central to this enterprise is the  Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCNS) at the University of Salzburg, which comprises an EEG group internationally renown for their cutting edge oscillatory and power analytic approach and several groups internationally known for brain imaging of reading, consciousness, and theory of mind.