Angewandte Sporttechnologie 


Research Focus Description

This Research Focus within the Department of Sport and Exercise Science of the University of Salzburg was established in 2015 with the successful application for the “Ski Sense” funding project. This research focus is characterized by a close cooperation between Industry (e.g. Atomic, Adidas, Digital Elektronik) and Research Partners (E.g. Salzburg Research Forschungs GmbH, EPFL Lausanne, Center of Human Computer Interaction of the University of Salzburg).


Overarching goals

Development, integration and application of modern sensor technologies/wearables in various settings of sport and types of locomotion in winter- and summer sports (e.g. alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, running, walking, cycling) to digitize the quantity and the quality of the movement in concert with contextual information. We believe that this information to the user (real-time; near real-time; post exercise) can support people in their movement and lead them to an optimal performance, enhanced emotional state, motion experience and possibly reduce the risk of injury or loverload. The aim is to give people a better understanding of their physical activity by linking motion and emotion, leading to an overall new (digital) experience. Buzzwords in this context: “Form quantity to quality”, “from the lab to the field”, “customization and individualization in sports technique and equipment”. The lead projects are “Ski Sense”, “Sport Sense” and “Digital Motion in Sports”

Related Projects and History


Ski Sense (Logo + Year) Atomic





Trans4Tec Project “Ski Sense”

determination and evaluation of alpine & XC skiing technique relevant and specific parameters based on sensor technologies (development and evaluation of a Smart Boot Concept)

Land Salzburg, Salzburg Research, Atomic



Trans4Tec „Sport Sense“

Erfassung und Evaluierung von Bewegungstechnik relevanten Parametern im Ski- und Laufsport

Land Salzburg, Salzburg Research, Atomic, Adidas, Scio



FFG- Comet K-project “Digital Motion in Sports, Fitness & Well-being”

The COMET Project Digital Motion in Sports, Fitness and Well-being is funded by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) within the framework of COMET – Competence Centres for Excellent Technologies. The programme is run by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency).

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Virtual Sleep Lab

Department of Sport Psychology; Salzburg Research; …








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