Welcome to the department of

Artificial Intelligence and Human Interfaces (AIHI)

Our department was founded in 2022 as part of a larger restructuring process at the PLUS and the establishment of the Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences (DAS). The department consolidates competences in the areas of statistics/stochastics, data science, machine learning, visual computing and human-computer interaction. These research areas, formerly situated across different departments, now form the pillar of a publicly visible strategic orientation of the PLUS in the broader area of artificial intelligence (AI) and future interaction approaches (HI). Our department executes  a varity of national and international projects, a strong track record in the acquisition of third-party funding, industry collaborations and, within each field, internationally recognized research expertise. Furthermore, we offer several master programs, such as Data Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Applied Image and Signal Processing and contribute to the Master and Bachelor studies in Mathematics, Computer Science and Digitiization-Innovation-Society. A new bachelor program in artificial intelligence which offers a solid methodological training in this exciting area is in development and will start shortly.

Best regards,

  • Manfred Tscheligi (Head of Department)
  • Wolfgang Trutschnig (Deputy Head of Department)
  • Roland Kwitt (Deputy Head of Department)