Artificial Intelligence and Human Interfaces

The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Human Interfaces (AIHI) was founded in 2022 in the course of the establishment of the Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences (DAW) and bundles research and teaching competences in the closely related fields of statistics/stochastics and data science, machine learning, visual data processing and human-machine interaction. The consolidation of these areas of expertise, which were previously distributed across different organisational units, forms the foundation for synergies and the further expansion of research and cooperation initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and new interaction approaches and interaction qualities (HI) at PLUS. Our department is characterised on the one hand by excellent research, diverse national and international projects, successful third-party funding, and close cooperation with renowned business partners. In addition, with the master’s programmes HCI, AISP and Data Science, as well as the bachelor’s programme Artificial Intelligence, which is currently under development, we offer a broad range of courses both in basic education and in the direction of specific specialisations, and also support teaching for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics, computer science and digitalisation-innovation society.