Accessibility in PLUSonline

PLUSonline is based on CAMPUSonline, a Campus Management System developed by the TU Graz. The implementation of accessibility guidelines is therefore controlled directly by the CAMPUSonline system to a large extent and is only partially customizable by the PLUS.

The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) guidelines in Version 2.1 are taken into account in the accessibility work of CAMPUSonline in the conformity levels A and AA.

However, the following limitations may occur:

  1. Color settings:
    These may not always be sufficiently high in contrast in the standard version. Work is already under way on the possibility to change contrast as a logged-in user.
  2. Add-ons developed by PLUS:
    It cannot be excluded that they may contain some barriers, but the probability for an occurrence is rather low. We would be very grateful for reports on any finds to in terms of quality improvement.
  3. Screenreader:
    As an alternative to the graphical user interface, CAMPUSonline recommends using the screen reader software NVDA and JAWS on a PC/notebook for compatibility reasons.
    (Note: Due to a recent Apple bug with special frames, content may be skipped in some views when using voiceover on iPhone. )