ISDCL: Publications

Since 1996  de Gruyter has published several volumes in the BZAW series on the deuterocanonical books (especially Ben Sira).

These publications include three conference volumes.

 BZAW 244: F.V. Reiterer (ed.), Freundschaft bei Ben Sira, 1996.
 BZAW 255: P.C. Beentjes (ed.), The Book of Ben Sira in Modern Research, 1997.
 BZAW 321: R. Egger-Wenzel (ed.), Ben Sira’s God, 2002.
 BZAW 375: F.V. Reiterer, „Alle Weisheit stammt vom Herrn …“, 2012.
 FoSub 1: F.V. Reiterer / R. Egger-Wenzel / I. Krammer / P. Ritter-Müller / L. Schrader, Zählsynopse, 2003.

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