Aktuelle Publikationen des Fachbereichs

Juli – September 2022

  • Barbero F, Michelini S, Moriones OH, Patarroyo J, Rosell J, F Gusta M, Vitali M, Martin L, Canals F, Duschl A, Horejs-Hoeck J, Mondragon L, Bastus NG, Puntes V. Role of Common Cell Culture Media Supplements on Citrate-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticle Protein Corona Formation, Aggregation State, and the Consequent Impact on Cellular Uptake. Bioconjug Chem 33(8): 1505-1514. (2022).
  • Elamin T, Santos NP, Briza P, Brandstetter H, Dall, E. Structural and functional studies of legumain-mycocypin complexes revealed a competitive, exosite-regulated mode of interaction. J Biol Chem: 102502. (2022).
  • Faltus, C, Lahnsteiner A, Barrdahl M, Assenov Y, Husing A, Bogatyrova O, Laplana M, Johnson T, Muley T, Meister M, Warth A, Thomas M, Plass C, Kaaks R, Risch A. Identification of NHLRC1 as a Novel AKT Activator from a Lung Cancer Epigenome-Wide Association Study (EWAS). Int J Mol Sci 23(18). (2022).
  • Lutsch E, Struber A, Auer G, Fessmann T, Lepperdinger G. A Poly-(ethylene glycol)-diacrylate 3D-Printed Micro-Bioreactor for Direct Cell Biological Implant-Testing on the Developing Chicken Chorioallantois Membrane. Micromachines (Basel) 13(8). (2022).
  • Mullins M, Himly M, Llopis IR, Furxhi I, Hofer S, Hofstatter N, Wick P, Romeo, D, Kuehnel D, Siivola K, Catalan J, Hund-Rinke K, Xiarchos I, Linehan S, Schuurbiers D, Bilbao AG, Barruetabena L, Drobne, D.  (Re)Conceptualizing decision-making tools in a risk governance framework for emerging technologies-the case of nanomaterials. Environ Syst Decis: 1-13. (2022).
  • Samadi N, Koidl L, Salzmann M, Klems M, Komatitsch N, Schaffer D, Weidmann E, Duschl A, Horejs-Hoeck J, Untersmayr E. Food Allergen Nitration Enhances Safety and Efficacy of Oral Immunotherapy in Food Allergy. Nutrients 14(7). (2022).
  • Schamschula E, Lahnsteiner A, Assenov Y, Hagmann W, Zaborsky N, Wiederstein M, Strobl A, Stanke F, Muley T, Plass C, Tummler B, Risch A. Disease-related blood-based differential methylation in cystic fibrosis and its representation in lung cancer revealed a regulatory locus in PKP3 in lung epithelial cells. Epigenetics 17(8): 837-860. (2022).
  • Schmidhuber S, Scheiblhofer S, Weiss R, Cserepes M, Tovari J, Gadermaier G, Bezard E, De Giorgi F, Ichas F, Strunk D, Mandler M. A Novel C-Type Lectin Receptor-Targeted alpha-Synuclein-Based Parkinson Vaccine Induces Potent Immune Responses and Therapeutic Efficacy in Mice. Vaccines (Basel) 10(9). (2022).
  • Tesanovic S, Krenn PW, Aberger F.  Hedgehog/GLI signaling in hematopoietic development and acute myeloid leukemia-From bench to bedside. Front Cell Dev Biol 10: 944760. (2022).

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