Aktuelle Publikationen des Fachbereichs

Oktober – Dezember 2022

  • Alhayek A, Abdelsamie AS, Schonauer E, Camberlein V, Hutterer E, Posselt G, Serwanja J, Blochl C, Huber CG, Haupenthal J, Brandstetter H, Wessler S, Hirsch AKH. Discovery and Characterization of Synthesized and FDA-Approved Inhibitors of Clostridial and Bacillary Collagenases. J Med Chem 65(19): 12933-12955. 2022.
  • Elamin T, Brandstetter H, Dall E. Legumain Activity Is Controlled by Extended Active Site Residues and Substrate Conformation. Int J Mol Sci 23(20). 2022.                            
  • Gögele C, Muller S, Belov S, Pradel A, Wiltzsch S, Lenhart A, Hornfeck M, Kerling V, Rubling A, Kuhl H, Schafer-Eckart K, Minnich B, Weiger TM, Schulze-Tanzil G. Biodegradable Poly(D-L-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA)-Infiltrated Bioactive Glass (CAR12N) Scaffolds Maintain Mesenchymal Stem Cell Chondrogenesis for Cartilage Tissue Engineering. Cells 11(9). 2022.
  • Hinterholzer A, Moises J, Regl C, Schwap S, Rapp E, Huber CG, Schubert M. Unambiguous identification of alpha-Gal epitopes in intact monoclonal antibodies by NMR spectroscopy. MAbs 14(1): 2132977. 2022.
  • Hofer S, Hofstätter N, Punz B, Hasenkopf I, Johnson L, Himly M. Immunotoxicity of nanomaterials in health and disease: Current challenges and emerging approaches for identifying immune modifiers in susceptible populations. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Nanomed Nanobiotechnol 14(6): e1804. 2022.
  • Hoppe IJ, Prommegger B, Uhl A, Lohrig U, Huber CG, Brandstetter H. The Fluorescent Enzyme Cascade Detects Low Abundance Protein Modifications Suitable for the Assembly of Functionally Annotated Modificatome Databases. Chembiochem 23(19): e202200399. 2022.   
  • Moises JE, Regl C, Hinterholzer A, Huber CG, Schubert M. Unambiguous Identification of Glucose-Induced Glycation in mAbs and other Proteins by NMR Spectroscopy. Pharm Res. 2022.
  • Mullins M, Himly M, Llopis IR, Furxhi I, Hofer S, Hofstatter N, Wick P, Romeo D, Kuehnel D, Siivola K, Catalan J, und-Rinke K, Xiarchos I, Linehan S, Schuurbiers D, Bilbao AG, Barruetabena L, Drobne D. (Re)Conceptualizing decision-making tools in a risk governance framework for emerging technologies-the case of nanomaterials. Environ Syst Decis: 1-13. 2022.                 
  • Rathje F, Klingler S, Aberger F. Organoids for Modeling (Colorectal) Cancer in a Dish. Cancers (Basel) 14(21). 2022.
  • Schürz M, Danmayr J, Jaritsch M, Klinglmayr E, Benirschke HM, Matea CT, Zimmerebner P, Rauter J, Wolf M, Gomes FG, Kratochvil Z, Heger Z, Miller A, Heuser T, Stanojlovic V, Kiefer J, Plank T, Johnson L, Himly M, Blöchl C, Huber CG, Hintersteiner M, Meisner-Kober N. EVAnalyzer: High content imaging for rigorous characterisation of single extracellular vesicles using standard laboratory equipment and a new open-source ImageJ/Fiji plugin. J Extracell Vesicles 11(12): e12282. 2022.

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