Current Publications of the Department

January – March 2022

  • Bernegger S, Hutterer E, Zarzecka U, Schmidt TP, Huemer M, Widlroither I, Posselt G, Skorko-Glonek J, Wessler S. E-Cadherin Orthologues as Substrates for the Serine Protease High Temperature Requirement A (HtrA). Biomolecules 12(3) (2022).

  • Bernegger S, Jarzab M, Wessler S, Posselt G. Proteolytic Landscapes in Gastric Pathology and Cancerogenesis. Int J Mol Sci 23(5) (2022).

  • Frauenlob T, Neuper T, Mehinagic M, Dang HH, Boraschi D, Horejs-Hoeck J. Helicobacter pylori Infection of Primary Human Monocytes Boosts Subsequent Immune Responses to LPS. Front Immunol 13: 847958 (2022).

  • Gomes FG, Andrade AC, Wolf M, Hochmann S, Krisch L, Maeding N, Regl C, Poupardin R, Ebner-Peking P, Huber CG, Meisner-Kober N, Schallmoser K, Strunk D. Synergy of Human Platelet-Derived Extracellular Vesicles with Secretome Proteins Promotes Regenerative Functions. Biomedicines 10(2) (2022).         

  • Moazzam A, Stanojlovic V, Hinterholzer A, Holzner C, Roschger C, Zierer A, Wiederstein M, Schubert M, Cabrele C. Backbone distortions in lactam-bridged helical peptides. J Pept Sci: e3400 (2022).

  • Neuper T, Weiss R, Horejs-Hoeck J. Ripping the Ripoptosome: a novel path for blocking allergic inflammation? Cell Mol Immunol 19(2): 136-138 (2022).

  • Struber A, Auer G, Fischlechner M, Wickstrom C, Reiter L, Lutsch E, Simon-Nobbe B, Marozin S, Lepperdinger G. Low-Cost Devices for Three-Dimensional Cell Aggregation, Real-Time Monitoring Microscopy, Microfluidic Immunostaining, and Deconvolution Analysis. Bioengineering (Basel) 9(2) (2022).

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