Current Publications of the Department

January – March 2024

  • Fux AC, Casonato Melo C, Schlahsa L, Burzan NB, Felsberger A, Gessner I, Fauerbach JA, Horejs-Hoeck J, Droste M, Siewert C. Generation of Endotoxin-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies by Phage and Yeast Display for Capturing Endotoxin. Int J Mol Sci 25(4). 2024.
  • Lahnsteiner A, Craig SJC, Kamali K, Weissensteiner B, McGrath B, Risch A, Makova KD. In vivo detection of DNA secondary structures using permanganate/S1 footprinting with direct adapter ligation and sequencing (PDAL-Seq). Methods Enzymol 695: 159-191. 2024.
  • Wimmer B, Friedrich A, Poeltner K, Edobor G, Mosshammer C, Temaj G, Rathner A, Karl T, Krauss J, von Hagen J, Gerner C, Breitenbach M, Hintner H, Bauer JW, Breitenbach-Koller H. En Route to Targeted Ribosome Editing to Replenish Skin Anchor Protein LAMB3 in Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa. JID Innov 4(1): 100240. 2024.

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