Current Publications of the Department

April – June 2023

  • Di Marco, F, Blöchl C, Esser-Skala W, Schäpertons V, Zhang T, Wuhrer M, Sandra K, Wohlschlager T, Huber CG. Glycoproteomics of a Single Protein: Revealing Tens of Thousands of Myozyme Glycoforms by Hybrid HPLC-MS Approaches. Mol Cell Proteomics 22(9): 100622. 2023.
  • Di Marco F, Blümel G, Blöchl C, Wuhrer M, Huber C.G. A semi-automated hybrid HPLC-MS approach for in-depth characterization of intact non-covalent heterodimer glycoforms of gonadotropin biopharmaceuticals. Anal Chim Acta 1274: 341574. 2023.
  • Krenn PW, Aberger F. Targeting cancer hallmark vulnerabilities in hematologic malignancies by interfering with Hedgehog/GLI signaling. Blood. 2023.
  • Santos NP, Soh WT, Demir F, Tenhaken R, Briza P, Huesgen PF, Brandstetter H, Dall E. Phytocystatin 6 is a context-dependent, tight-binding inhibitor of Arabidopsis thaliana legumain isoform beta. Plant J. 2023.
  • Serwanja J, Brandstetter H, Schönauer E. Quantitative cross-linking via engineered cysteines to study inter-domain interactions in bacterial collagenases. STAR Protoc 4(3): 102519. 2023.
  • Treton G, Sayer C, Schürz M, Jaritsch M, Müller A, Matea CT, Stanojlovic V, Melo-Benirschke H, Be C, Krembel C, Rodde S, Haffke M, Hintermann S, Marzinzik A, Ripoche S, Blöchl C, Hollerweger J, Auer D, Cabrele C, Huber CG, Hintersteiner M, Wagner T, Lingel A, Meisner-Kober N. Quantitative and functional characterisation of extracellular vesicles after passive loading with hydrophobic or cholesterol-tagged small molecules. J Control Release 361: 694-716. 2023.
  • Wenger M, Große-Kathöfer S, Kraiem A, Pelamatti E, Nunes N, Pointner L, Aglas L. When the allergy alarm bells toll: The role of Toll-like receptors in allergic diseases and treatment. Front Mol Biosci 10: 1204025. 2023.

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