Digitale Überforderung: Handy und Laptop

Digital overload: 6 tips on how to avoid it
Education UNI Life

Laptop, smartphone, check! Time to make a start. But trying to balance work and the push notifications trickling in on your phone can be enough to make your head explode. To be online on different channels all the time can quickly lead to digital overload. Blog contributor Maria has collected 6 tips to help you cope with everyday digital life.

Published on 15 June 2021
Das Universitätsorchester Salzburg von hinten

The University Orchestra Salzburg – a musical statement
UNI Life

In 2019, the Orchestra celebrated its 30th anniversary. Read more below on the Orchestra’s history and successes over the years.

Published on 08 June 2021
Europe beyond Brussels

Europe – so close! How the Land Salzburg influences EU decisions

In the seminar “Europe beyond Brussels”, students are taking a closer look at the influence of European regions on EU decisions. A group of students talked to Ms. Gritlind Kettl, who is Head of the EU Citizens’ Service at Land Salzburg and Europe Direct Salzburg, and the interview can be read in this blog post.

Published on 02 June 2021
Trainerin Magdalena bei Übung

Train at the USI Fitness Centre (UFZ)
Education UNI Life

UFZ is not the latest techno band but the University of Salzburg’s fitness centre. Read on to find out what it looks like, what equipment is available and what’s included when you sign up.

Published on 31 May 2021

Living in Salzburg: Tips for finding accommodation
UNI Life

Student halls, shared flat or your own little apartment? Questions upon questions, and not an easy decision, especially before you’ve even begun studying. We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of what’s on offer and have given some tips on where to find a place to live.

Published on 25 May 2021