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About the Department

Communication Studies at the University of Salzburg have changed dramatically over their forty years of existence. The initial focus on journalism and media studies developed into a broad socio-scientific spectrum of teaching and research in the field of communication studies.
A scientific-theoretical approach on questions of media and communication development, media policy, media economics, journalism, organizational communication, audience research, intercultural and interpersonal communication builds the foundation for the high standard of education at the department. Beyond that scientific framework the actual working conditions of communication practitioners and the changes of the job market are part of the offered courses. This might explain the large demand for
Communication Studies, which attracts about 1,300 students over many years. With the introduction of the Bachelor and Master program in December 2010, the process of molding research and teaching based on various communication fields was undertaken successfully. The courses offered – next to the core areas (theories, methods, empirical communication research, media systems, communication processes) – can be divided in the following six subjects, each developed by a specific unit highly committed to research and teaching excellence and the preparation of students for the most important professional fields in the media sector:

  • Audio-Visual and Online Communication
  • Journalism
  • Communication Theory and Media Systems
  • Communication Policy and Media Economics
  • Public Relations and Organizational Communication
  • International and Transcultural Communication

In addition to classes that are taught in these six units, various research projects are carried out – often in cooperation with other disciplines and organizations, including from the private economy.