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A collection of useful services and information for students studying at the PLUS Department of Economics.

Student service

Resources for students

 Economics courses in Summer 2024
PLUSOnline provides detailed information on all courses offered by the Department of Eoconomics.

Examination office
The examination office at the Faculty of Law, Business and Economics handles all questions related to exams.

Curriculum commission
The curriculum commision solves conflicts related to the study program. Chair of the curriculum commission is Prof. Dr. Hannes Winner. Please contact Tamara Herndl for all questions regarding your curriculum.

Accreditation of courses
For students who want to get credits for economics courses from other studies or from other national or international institutions.

Student representatives
The students’ union (ÖH) represents the interest of economics students in many ways.

Disability and diversity office
The PLUS strives to make all aspects of study accessible to everyone.

Grants and scholarships
The PLUS provides a number of funding opportunities for students.

General information for aspiring students
The PLUS website provides detailed information on different study programs and answers all questions of aspiring students regarding admission and registration.

PLUS against discrimination
The PLUS provides services and points of contact for students who can advise you in the event of discrimination.

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