Current Projects

Embedded software components

project duration 01/2007 –
project partners AVL List GmbH (Graz)
principal goal
  • Seamless integration of component standards
    for non-real-time and for real-time-systems

Model-based development of timing behavior

project duration 07/2006 –
project partners AVL List GmbH (Graz),
Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co. KG, (Salzburg)
principal goal
  • Model based embedded Software Development
    relying on the Logical Execution Time paradigm,
    proposed in the Giotto project (UC Berkeley)

Selected Past Projects


project duration 01/2010 – 03/2012
project partners University of Applied Science (Fachhochschule Wels),
Siemens AG Österreich (Wien),
Stern & Hafferl Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (Gmunden)
principal goal
  • autonomous driving on railroads

embeddedCMMI – CMMI adapted to Embedded Software Development

project duration 4/2005 – 7/2006
project partners AVL List (Graz)
principal goal
  • Adapt the relevant aspects of CMMI to
    state-of-the-art embedded software engineering

MoDECS – Model-based Development of distributed Embedded Control Systems

project duration 7/2003 – 7/2005
project partners AVL List (Graz),
MagnaSteyr Fahrzeugtechnik (Graz),
TU Vienna (Real-Time Systems Group, a.Prof. Puschner),
University of California at Berkeley (EECS, Prof. Henzinger)
principal goal
  • enhancement of the Giotto method
    and tools regarding fault tolerance
  • feasibility studies: application of Giotto
    in distributed embedded control systems
  • worst-case execution time analysis (WCET)
    for C code generated from Simulink models

EmBASE – Knowledge Base for Embedded Systems

project duration 1/2003 – 2/2004
project partners technikon (Villach), IWI Vienna (Wien)
principal goal
  • creation of a knowledge base “Who is doing what in Embedded Systems” in and around Austria

Summer School Embedded Systems

project duration 30 June – 2 July 2003
project partners Univ. of Salzburg in cooperation with FIT-IT Embedded Systems and the Univ. of California at Berkeley (EECS, Dr. Kirsch)
principal goal
  • embedded systems perspectives and visions

Reusable Components for Satellite Control Systems

project duration 1998 – 2002
project partners  European Space Agency (ESA)/ESTEC, Nordwijk, Netherlands
principal goal
  • Framework for the Attitute and Orbit Control System (AOCS) in C++ 
  • a follow-up project migrated the AOCS framework to Java

Architecture for Location-Based Mobile Devices: MobileShadow

project duration 2000 – 2002
project partners partially in cooperation with mobilkom Austria (Wien)
principal goal
  • infrastructure for proactive location-aware services and applications.
  • sample applications based on MobileShadow

Adaptive Software Components

project duration 2000 – 2002
project partners partially in cooperation with the Nokia Research Center, Helsinki
principal goal
  • GUI adaptation to different devices through MUSA: Multiple User Interface, Single Application
  • reflection patterns for adaptive components

Architectures for Internet/Mobile Banking

project duration 1996 – 2001
project partners GRZ/RACON (Linz) Software GmbH
principal goal
  • Java-based client and server components for Internet Banking
  • Voice-Controlled Internet Banking prototype
  • Comparison of Internet Banking systems

Patterns for Artificial Neural Networks

project duration 1996 – 2000
project partners Quelle Austria (mail order reseller)
principal goal
  • Customer classification system in the mail-order business
  • Comparison with Multivariat Discrimant Analysis method

Ubiquitous Computing

project duration 1993 – 1996
project partners University of Linz (Prof. G. Pomberger), Technical University Munich (Prof. M. Broy) in cooperation with Siemens AG, Munich
principal goal
  • Ubiquitous communication framework
  • Tools for automating the adaptation of frameworks

Development Environment for Pen-Computers

project duration 1992 – 1993
project partners Washington University in St. Louis (Prof. D. Kimura) in cooperation with Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto, CA; Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory (MERL), Cambridge, MA; Kumon Math, Kobe, Japan; Osaka Gas Information Systems, Japan
principal goal
  • Definition of the visual language ProtoHyperFlow
  • ProtoHyperFlow-editor and run-time system
  • Prototypical applications for Kumon Math

Prototyping of Information Systems

project duration 1988 – 1991
project partners University of Linz (Prof. G. Pomberger) in cooperation with Siemens AG, Munich
principal goal
  • Method for prototyping-oriented software development
  • Prototyping tools (user interface prototyping, architecture prototyping)
  • Comparison of the object-oriented and conventional paradigms

GUI Framework Development

project duration 1987 – 1988
project partners University of Zurich (with Prof. R. Marty, E. Gamma, A. Weinand), the project was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation
principal goal
  • Design and implementation of parts of the ET++ GUI framework
  • Visual/interactive editors

Teleteaching, Computer-Supported Learning

project duration 1985 – 1986
project partners University of Linz (Prof. J. Mühlbacher) in cooperation with IIG (Prof. H. Maurer), Technical University Graz, Austria
principal goal
  • Courses in operating systems and programming
  • Implementation of an e-mail system for the Austrian video-text (BTX)