Research alpine cabins of the Department of Environment & Biodiversity

The Department of Environment & Biodiversity operates three research alpine cabins that can be used for research and teaching. They provide accommodation for students and scientists and have various technical equipment, such as weather stations.



Foto Sameralm

Alpine Research Station Sameralm

The Sameralm Research Station is located in the Tennengebirge and is run by the Alpine Club. The station offers overnight accommodation for about 10 people. There is electricity and running water from a well. Three fully equipped meteorological stations record measurement data at three different altitudes. This research station is mainly used for field trips, off-road practicals and research. Access by car is possible.

Nature Park Riedingtal

Foto Riedingtal

Mountain Research Centre in the Riedingtal Nature Park

This research alpine cabin is located in the Riedingtal Nature Park in Lungau and is operated in cooperation with the Riedingtal Nature Park. The old farmhouse is equipped with running water and sanitary facilities including a shower, a kitchen and common rooms and offers overnight accommodation for just under 20 people. A photovoltaic system supplies the research centre with electricity. Weather stations are established at different altitudes and have been collecting detailed climate data for many years. The research centre in the Rieding valley is mainly used for excursions and field practicals. Access by car is possible.


Foto Überlingalm

Field Station Überlingalm

The Überling cabin of the Austrian Federal Forests houses a small field station in the midst of the diverse, high-montane moorland and alpine landscape of the Überling of the Lungau on the border to Styria. The Überlingalm field station is used for excursions, field practicals and research. This alpine cabin cannot be reached directly by normal car.