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Formation and destruction of accretionaryorogens in NE China
PhD student
PhD student  MSc student
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External collaborator

Franz Neubauer & Johann Genser
Guoqing Han (PhD completed)
Chenyue Liang
 Esther Bartel (MSc thesis completed)
Manfred Bernroider
Gertrude Friedl

Yongjiang Liu, Jilin University, Changchun
Guoqing Han, Jilin University, Changchun
Shoumai Ren, Geological Survey of China, Beijing
Wei Li, Jilin University, Changchun

Project description

Northeast China comprises the easternmost Altaids and the suture towards the North China craton. The Altaids represent a Paleozoic accretionaryorogen with mainly island arc successions, which extends from southernmost Ural towards east Asia und which were formed by a number of oceans including the Paleo-Asian ocean. The fossil island arcs allow study representative magmatic arc rock successions and the mode of continental crust formation by accretion of island arcs. The Mesozoic and Cenozoic history is characterized by the establishment of the West Pacific subsduction system, by associated extension and formation of huge oil-bearing sedimentary basins (e.g., the Songliao basin) and the Mongolian pene-planation and destruction of the North China craton.


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