Research field Geography & Economics

Geography & Economics

The didactics of geography and economics, like any subject didactics, is an applied science. According to Hilbert Meyer, it deals with the question of "who should learn what, when, with whom, where, how, with what, why and for what purpose". In practice, some of these questions are answered by institutional guidelines, which in turn can be the subject of different articulations of interests. In theory, however, all questions can be discussed. Subject didactics provides empirical results on the prerequisites of learning, on the effects of different learning arrangements and on the influence of social requirements on learning. It also participates in the implementation of the findings in the context of both education policy and teaching practice. The Salzburg Didactics of Geography and Economics deals with, among other things, research-based learning, argumentation skills and socio-economic education as part of the combined teaching subject GW.

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Working Group Geography & Economics

Research field Biology and Environmental Education

Biology and Environmental Education

The scientists of the research field Biology and Environmental Education focus on empirical research on teaching and learning processes in schools and in higher education. This includes the professional competencies of (prospective) biology teachers, classroom interaction processes with special consideration of digitalization, inquiry-based learning, diagnosis of student competencies and the differentiation of instruction based on this, use of representations, motivation and cognitions of students. A central focus of the research field is the investigation of technology-related knowledge of (prospective) biology teachers (TPACK) and its influence on the planning and design of technology-based instruction. A special feature of the research field are the service offers Schulbiologiezentrum (SBZ) and Grüne Schule, where, among other things, guided tours and workshops for school classes and teachers are offered.

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Working Group Biology & Environmental Education