Teaching of geography and economic education

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The group does research in the fields of geography and economics education, with specific emphasis on geomedia uses in education based on the concepts of citizenship education, science education and spatially enabled learning. Both basic research as well as development of learning environments are supported. The group is deeply involved in the provision of german-language (GW-Unterricht) and international (publication GI-Forum) platforms in the field.
The group co-operates closely with the School of Education within the University of Salzburg, and with Universities of Education in Salzburg and Linz.


Information for students (german)

  –  Homepage der Studienvertretung Geographie :         
     http://stvgeo.wordpress.com/geographie-studiengange-in-salzburg/ (Informationen zum
     Lehramtsstudium, Beratungszeiten und mehr)
  –  http://www.gw-unterricht.at/ (Fachzeitschrift für die Fachdidaktik des Faches Geographie 
     und Wirtschaftskunde)
  –  GI_Forum  http://www.gi-forum.org/ (Forum der Geoinformatik Salzburg)
  –  Education highway  http://www.home.eduhi.at/ (EDUHI)

Projects (third party funded)

  –  School on the Cloud ( http://schoolonthecloud.eu/, 2013-16)
  –  YouthMap 5020 ( http://youthmap5020.at/, 2013-14)
  –  Spatial Citizenship for Education (SPACIT) ( http://www.spatialcitizenship.org/, 2011-14)
  –  Digital-earth.eu ( http://www.digital-earth.eu/, 2010-13)

Selected recent publications

 see  HERE