Hydrogeological field and laboratory devices

Field equipment Hydrolab
  • WTW Multi 350: pH, Temp., el. Cond., O2
  • MyronL TPH1 TechPro II: Handhelds pH, Temp., el. Cond.
  • SEBA MPS-D8: pH, Temp., el. Cond., O2, water level in groundwater wells up to 50m depth
  • SEBA electricel contact gauge for grundwater wells up to 100m depth
  • Pump for wells up to 100m depth
  • SEBA Dipper: Datalogger for continuous messurement of water level and temperature
  • Sommer Q-Trace tracer thinning measurement: to determine discharge of turbulent streams
  • OTT hydrometric vane to determine discharge of laminar streams
  • Watersam: automatic water sampler
  • Field-fluorometer to meassure tracer concentrations
 Laboratory equipment Lab1   Lab2   Lab3   Lab4
  • Ionenchromatography Thermo Fisher – (anion and cation concentrations in water samples)
  • Photometer Aqualytic (anion and cation concentrations in water samples)
  • automatic titrator Titroline 5000 (HCO3-)
  • pH-Ion: Ionenselective Elektrode Na+ WTW
  • high purity water facility Sartorius