Studies in Geology

Bild Studium GeologieThe study of geology at the University of Salzburg introduces into structure, characteristics, formation conditions and formation processes of the solid Earth and its components – rocks and minerals – and provides scientific training for the professional fields of geology. In line with this objective and the international spread, there is a total of three-tier university system (Bachelor – Master – Doctor). The study of geology is divided into a six-semester bachelor geology and a four-semester master’s program based thereon Geology. Contact persons Chairman of the Curriculum Commission (curriculums): Ass.Prof. Dr. Sylke Hilberg (Deputy chairman) Tel. 0662-8044-5465 E-Mail: Information regarding study and study plans: Irene Weinberger Tel. 0662-8044-5414 E-Mail: Student Representatives (student counselling, credit issues): Tel. 0662-8044-5478 E-Mail: