Urban Landscape Ecology







  • SCHÖNLEBER Lea, B. Sc., Study assistant
  • SILBERBAUER Katharina, B.Sc., Study assistant


More and more it becomes clear that sustainable urban development can be achieved only in the city-region and multi-disciplinary context. The historic city concept, the image of the city as a limited ad hoc, structural concentration in the cultural landscape, which has the “open” country, the agricultural landscape, clearly stands out, as the model no longer applies. Urban landscapes are not only spatial construction of nuclear densities, but also from wide surrounding areas, often do not reach a 50 km radius of the condensation nuclei and which have the highest development dynamics in the entire city regions. For those urban landscapes so scientifically based forecasts and integrated concepts of city-regional long-term environmental quality-based management, both in dimension and related to subspaces landscapes / necessary.

Urban ecology as a new science: 

Particular experience gain can be expected in the management process of intense upheaval in (Transformation) located urban regions. This can fully withdrawing general change, developing new structures and the search for guidance in the process of sustainable urban development by way of example be used for investigations. To define environmental quality, preserve and create new ones is for residents, municipalities and businesses becoming increasingly important. Urban ecology as a problem-oriented interdisciplinary research environment in the city is still a young science. First urban ecological research related to the particularities of the urban climate, followed by floral and faunal studies of European cities. Urban soils, the ecology of urban water, urban hydrology and complex models are only a few decades the subject of scientific research. It is increasingly clear that most studies that combine both scientific and socio-economic aspects of the most complex problems with applications in landscape management have the best chance to deliver problem-solving items.