The research group “Salzburg international Templar Studies Network – In the Footsteps of the Knights Templar” is an interdisciplinary group of national and international scholars who have come together in the course of multidisciplinary research in connection with the discovery of the presumed tomb of the Templar Grand Master Arnau de Torroja and the reprocessing of historical documents concerning the decline of the Knights Templar.

The knowledge gained through the cooperation of the various disciplines has already been made directly accessible to the public: the group as an interdisciplinary research platform is both initiator and coordinator of this work and in its knowledge transfer (among other things through publications and science-to-public events) is aimed directly at all interested parties, who are thus offered a constantly updated insight into the progress of the research work – on the (scientific) tracks of the Knights Templar.


Photos © Daniele Mattiangeli

We thank the  Land Salzburg and the  Wissensstadt Salzburg for the financial support of the Salzburg international Templar Studies Network.

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