Division of Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine Images: Luigi Caputo Tasks:
  • thanatology
  • morphology
  • forensic traumatology
  • blood spatter analysis
  • medical expertise and review
  • photography and new media
Team: Univ.Prof. Dr.med. Fabio C. Monticelli – Head, Forensic pathologist A.o.Univ.Prof. Dr.med. Harald J. Meyer – Forensic pathologist Ass.Prof. Dr.med.univ. Christian Matzenauer – Forensic pathologist Dr.med.univ. Walther Gotsmy – Forensic pathologist Ass.Prof. Dr.med.univ. Peter Hofer – Medical doctor, in residency Ass.Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Stefan Pittner – Biologist, Research coordinator Pirjo Aittamaa – Autopsy assistent Salzburg (on maternity leave) Daniela Besic – Autopsy assistent Salzburg Michael Peherstorfer – Autopsy assistent Linz