Research Projects and Collaborations

  • FWF-Project: Muscle protein degradation for time since death estimation

Partner institutions: University Clinic Frankfurt (GER), University Clinic Hamburg Eppendorf (GER), University of Molise (ITA), Kantonsspital St.Gallen (SUI), Northern Michigan State University (USA), Dept. Biosciences, Dept. Mathematics University of Salzburg
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  • A standardized protocol for muscle tissue sampling for the use in forensic protein analysis

Partner institutions: University Clinic Hamburg Eppendorf (GER), Universita degli Studi Firenze (ITA)

  • Protein degradation in different muscle groups

Partner institution: Dept. Biosciences University of Salzburg

  • Proteomic analysis of postmortem muscle protein degradation

Partner institution: Chungnam National University (KOR)

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of punches and hits in medico-legal context

Partner institution: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universiy München (GER)

  •  PMI estimation: Rapid blood loss and fatal injury as potential influencing factors of the body core temperature method

Partner institutions: University Clinic Frankfurt (GER), Charité – University Medicine Berlin (GER), Dept. Biosciences, Dept. Mathematics University of Salzburg

  •  A pilot project for a compound method for time since death estimation in the intermediate and advanced postmortem interval.

Partner institutions: University Clinic Frankfurt (GER), University of Molise (ITA), Amsterdam Medical Center (NED), University Neuchatel (SUI), Michigan State University (USA)

  • Forensic entomology – Comparative thanatofauna in different german-speaking regions

Partner institution: University Clinic Frankfurt (GER)

  • Analysis of the human thanato-microbiome on a global scale

Partner institution: Michigan State University (USA)

  • A new method for the use of diatoms in forensic drowning diagnosis

Partner institutions: Sun Yat-Sen University – Guangzhou (CHI), Dept. Biosciences University of Salzburg