Your way to complete your doctoral degree programm

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The first steps – how do I enrol?

Important documents for your doctoral studies (be sure to read through them):

Ι  Curriculum Social Sciences (Version 2022)  Ι

Ι  Study manual (Version 2022) Ι – The manual will be put online soon!!
(The manual contains comprehensive information about the process and the individual steps in the doctoral programme)

Next steps:

Here you will find important information about the next steps:
|  Information sheet 1  |

Required form:
|  Confirmation of the presentation of the disposition  |

Link to the registration of your doctoral thesis (PAAV)
|  Registering your doctoral thesis |

The last steps – completition of my doctoral degree programm:

Here you will find important information about the last steps:
| Information sheet 2 |

Required forms:
|  Examination record (Version 2022) – download form  |
|  Examination record (Version 2022) – pdf  |

1. The chairperson of the Curricular Commission Univ.-Prof.Dr. Kornelia Hahn is responsible for course recognitions |  E-Mail  |
2. For recognitions of special achievments, please fill out this form online and submit it with the appropriate supporting documents to the Examinations Office:
|  Formular Sonderleistungen GW-Doktoratsstudium (Version 2022) – Download-Formular  |

Ι  Guide for printing theses  Ι

Ι  Explanation of the plagiarism check  Ι

Ι  Members of the doctoral committee  Ι

Helpful links:

 Rund um Plusonline  (Online help)
Promotion registration