As our own service department, we support PLUS with our employees and skills in the area of ​​information technology and digitization.

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IT Strategy



Technology as a driver

We see the latest (cloud) technologies as drivers, but also as the basis for digitization and innovation. Strong standardization of these technologies is also necessary for economic operation.



Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not a buzzword, but an absolute necessity for the future. With our digitization task force, we are bringing PLUS step by step into the digital age, thus enabling Digital Life @ PLUS.



Focus on our users

We put our users at the center. Regardless of whether they are employees, students, lecturers or scientists. IT should serve as a support here. Supported by a future Digital PLUS Place. The digital space for work, teaching and research.


Together into the future

A university is a meeting place and a place where many different skills meet. We as IT-Services want to make better use of these shared competencies at PLUS. We see IT as an active part in research projects in the future.

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Organization of IT-Services

IT-Services Organigramm

Our IT-Services Team

You can find contacts to the management team and the staff units here.

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Salzburg Collaborative Computing

The PLUS operates Salzburg Collaborative Computing (SCC) in research and teaching and also offers this as a service for all employees of the university.

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