Languages for specific purposes

In addition to our “classical” language courses, we would also like to draw your attention to our language courses with a specific focus. The requirements in these courses are based on the specific course programme. They will be announced in the first course unit.

Special courses in the summer semester

German and English courses in the field of academic language will be offered for all students, aspiring scientists or anyone interested: The aim of these courses is to teach study-specific skills (“Literacy across the curriculum”), which enable the participants to (linguistically) master the demands of everyday university life. In addition, in the summer semester we offer a course in Business English.

To the specific language courses

in the

Sprachkurs am Sprachenzentrum


German as a foreign language

  • Winter semester
    • German as a Foreign Language: Writing and Grammar (B1/B2): Prerequisite: A2+, target level: B1/B2
    • Academic German: oral skills: Prerequisite: B2+, target level: C1
  • Summer semester
    • Academic German: Written Skills: Prerequisite: B2+, target level: C1


  • Winter semester
    • Business English I: Prerequisite: B1+/B2, target level: B2-Fachsprachenkenntnisse
    • Academic English: Prerequisite: B2, target level: B2+
    • Academic Skills: Listening and Speaking: Prerequisite: B2+, target level: C1-Fachsprachenkenntnisse
  • Summer semester
    • Business English II: Prerequisite: B1+/B2, target level: B2-Fachsprachenkenntnisse
    • Academic Skills: Reading and Writing: Prerequisite: B2+, target level: C1-Fachsprachenkenntnisse

Romance languages

  • Winter semester
    • Learn Romance languages through networking: Prerequisite: B1 (in at least one Romance language), target level: plurilingual competencies

Photograph: © Christian Gruber | Simon Haigermoser