More4Refugees is an initiative launched by Universities Austria that is targeted at giving refugees and asylum seekers the chance to receive higher education not just at the University of Salzburg, but also at other universities in Austria.

Uniparkfassade Oberansicht außen
Photograph: © Luigi Caputo

Admission Process

If you are an asylum seeker in Austria, you are entitled to take classes at university as a non-degree student. You do not have to pay tuition fees. The Students’ Union will do their best to help guide you through the enrolment process: To prepare for your personal enrolment, please go to the Students’ Union  Advice & Support Centre (UNIPARK Building). After you have done this, you can personally enrol for a degree programme at the Admissions Department (please check their office hours).

German Classes

Ever since 2018, MORE students have been entitled to take classes at the University’s Language Centre. In these classes, a specified number of spots are reserved especially for them. Please note that these classes will move swiftly, so it can be easy to fall behind. In order to guarantee that these classes run smoothly, please make sure you adhere to the required rules and regulations governing enrolment and class attendance (check the Language Centre’s general information website).

Access to University Libraries

MORE students may use the Main Library and its services for free. All libraries that are part of the university library system can be accessed freely, and both analogue and digital media can be used. If you are a MORE student wishing to be given a special tour of the library, please sign up via email.

In addition, the publishers Langenscheidt and Reise Know-How offer free online dictionaries in Arabic, Kurdish, Pashto, and Dari. Please click here for more information.

ÖH Buddy Scheme

Together with the ÖH Students’ Union, student volunteers called buddies offer asylum seekers help dealing with their everyday life and with their studies in Salzburg. This project offers a Language Café, guided walking tours through the city of Salzburg, and a Friend System.

Language Cafés help asylum seekers improve their German skills. On guided walks through the city, student volunteers will point out buildings and institutions that may be of interest to newcomers; these tours are given in several languages, for example, Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, and provide participants with maps of the city. Volunteers of the Friend System agree to pursue free-time activities with asylum seekers and help them navigate their everyday life in an unfamiliar city. Please click  here for more information or email us.

Sports Classes

Asylum seekers may take part in all sports classes offered by the  University Sport Institute (USI), provided that there are free spots available. To sign up, please come to the  University Fitness Centre (UFZ) (address: Otto-Holzbauer Strasse 1–3, 1st floor) and bring your enrolment certificate attesting that you are a non-degree student of the University of Salzburg. Our staff will be happy to help you choose a class if necessary.

University Orchestra

You may also want to join the University of Salzburg Orchestra and attend rehearsals and play in concerts. In particular, we are looking for string players (violin, viola, cello, contrabass) who have experience playing in orchestras. In special cases, we also accept skilled wind-instrument players and percussionists. Please consult our  website for general information. Irrespective of whether they have an instrument or not, interested students are welcome to get in touch with our artistic director, Martin Fuchsberger, or with Christine Blume. Should you not have an instrument of your own, we will do our best to provide one for you.