Sociology Dissertation Defense Invitation

The Dissertation Defense is open to public.

Published on 17 November 2023
Gesellschaftswissenschaften | Rudolfskai

Securing Women’s Right to Communal Land through Dialogue and Advocacy

20 November 2023 | in presence: The talk presents insights from the participatory action research project “Women’s Right to Communal Land” that started 2020 with four grassroots organizations in East and West Africa, in collaboration with Coventry University and University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.

Published on 15 November 2023
Agorá Prof. Xiao Lan

FOR APAC Lecture Series Agorá: “‘妈妈, I Miss You’: Emotional Multilingual Practices in Transnational Families”

This study is situated in the context of the UK, in which transnational families often engage in multilingual practices with their family members near and far via digital devices or face-to-face interactions. Involving six families from two transnational communities, the Chinese and the Polish, the study focuses on emotionally related language practices. Data sources include recordings of mealtime conversations, daily WhatsApp/WeChat texts, and digital mediated family talk. Using affective repertoire as analytical framework, the study investigates linguistic features and situated language use of home language(s) in emotional negotiations between family members. In addition, it explores how multimodalities and languages are mixed to contribute to the interactional dynamics underlying ‘family talk’ and how children and adults position themselves emotionally in moment-by-moment discourse of family life.

Published on 13 November 2023