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“Science Exchange 2012”” was a first initiative to foster cooperation between the three FWF-funded Doctoral Colleges (DK) at the University of Salzburg. Faculties and PhD-students met for two days, October 29-30 2012, at a seminar hotel in Germany close to lake Chiemsee.

The workshop offered the students the opportunity to practice their communication skills and to explain their research to scientists of completely different disciplines: This ability is required for interdisciplinary collaboration and is indispensable for explaining one’s work also to a non-scientific community or the media. Each student faced the challenge to present her/his research in a four minute talk without getting too specific.

In addition, students and faculties took the opportunity to get to know colleagues of the other doctoral colleges and to exchange experiences about their running projects and developing careers.

Summer School 2012


Radio report (MP3, in german):