Welcome to the Department of Philosophy in the Faculty of Social Sciences


The focus of our department is on philosophy oriented toward philosophical problems and empirical sciences. Our main research areas are: philosophy of science, logic, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, practical philosophy, and didactics of philosophy. In all these areas, research-relevant and up-to-date philosophical methods (including those of a logical-mathematical nature) are employed and relevance to scientific and social issues is taken into account.

Our department offers bachelor’s programs in philosophy and in philosophy, politics and economics, (PPE, an interdisciplinary program), as well as two teacher training programs in the subjects “psychology and philosophy” and “ethics”. Upon completion of the bachelor’s program, students have the opportunity to enter our English-language master’s program in philosophy.

Heads of Department

The department is lead by Professor Alexander Hieke, Professor Charlotte Werndl and Professor Bettina Bussmann.

Student Representation

If you have any questions concerning your studies, please contact the Student Representation for Philosophy and PPE at any time.


„Emergence and Reduction in Physics“ by Dr. Patricia Palacios published by Cambridge University Press:  https://www.cambridge.org/core/elements/emergence-and-reduction-in-physics/98E4853A1E828AE511FFA16107B76051

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