PLUSlive – your start of studies party

The ideal start to a semester needs more than organization, ECTS and a study plan – it needs friends, networking and a good time. In 2022, the university decided to launch a new series of events called PLUSlive. A big party exclusively for new students will be held in October at the start of the winter semester each year. The university primarily supports new releases and musicians from Austria.

PLUSlive 2023

how to join?


Organize your study start on Blackboard and complete all relevant courses on topics such as using the library or registering for courses. The more points you have, the greater your chance of receiving a coveted ticket for PLUSlive. Approximately 2 weeks before the event, a draw will be held among all participants on a first come, first serve basis. The participants with the highest number of points will be notified first. Admission is free for participating first semester PLUS students. However, all other students and non-students can also come, join in the party and dance along – because the best way to start the semester is together.

PLUSlive 2023

Prepare …

something big is coming: 2024.

Be ready, first semester students! An event that will not only get bigger, but also catapult you into new dimensions. We’re breaking new attendance records and creating memories. We listen to you. After the brilliant second year of PLUSlive, we will be even BIGGER in 2024. Be excited. More information will follow soon.

spoiler alert

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