Lectures, Thesis Defenses and Habilitation Colloquia of the Department of Psychology

All those interested in the events of the lecture series of the Department of Psychology are cordially invited. The lectures are free of charge and (usually) not limited in number of participants. We would like to point out to students that attendance of the lecture series can also be credited as a course (to the extent of 1ECTS point – per study – BSc., MSc. and doctorate) – LV Nr 298925 –  link to the course in PlusOnline If you would like to be informed in advance about the lectures by e-mail (or have other questions): Please write to

Please visit the german Version of this site to find the announcements of the talks etc. of this semester. If the description of the talk (title, abstract etc.) is English, then the language of the talk and discussion will be English. If the description of the talk is german, the talk will be in german