Photodynamic Therapy and Cellular Biophysics Group – METHODS

The following methods / labortory facilities are employed in our research group:

Professional cell culture facilities (various human or non-numan cell lines)
Roche CASY TT Cell Counting System

Flow Cytometry (FACS)
Beckton Dickinson FACSCanto II

Microplate Photometry and Fluorimetry (Luminometry)
Tecan Spectrafluor
Tecan Infinite M200

Fluorescence microscopy
Olympus IX-70
DI´s Spot-2 color CCD-camera

Fluorescence spectroscopy
Hitachi F-4500

λ-specific LED-arrays / Waldmann PDT 1200 for in vitro – Photodynamic Treatment

Real-Time PCR
Biorad CFX Connect System