Cell Biology and Tumor Research Group – PUBLICATIONS

Completed Diploma / Doctoral Theses

December 2017, Lucie Meyer, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ‘Immunological characterization of microglia following activation by PDT-damaged glioma cells’
June 2017,Nicole Maeding, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ‘Effects of low-dose hypericin-PDT on murine BMDCs and subsequent induction of regulatory T lymphocytes’
August 2016, Elisabeth Kirchmayr, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ‘In vitro characterization of a PEGylated diiodo distyryl BODIPY derivative as a potential new photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy’
August 2015, Silke Koch, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ‘In vitro tests of a new and improved hypericin-conjugate for application in photodynamic therapy and diagnosis’
March 2015, Erma Avdic, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ‘Lipid peroxidation after low-dose hypericin-PDT combined with hypoxia’
February 2015, Estefania Obregon-Castrillo, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ‘Expression of immune-stimulating factors in CT26 mouse colon carcinoma cells under low-dose hypericin-PDT and hypoxic conditions’
December 2014, Julia Stump, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ‘Effects of low-dose hypericin-PDT and hypoxic conditions on the function of murine macrophages – an in vitro study’
July 2014, Patrick Larisch, MA rer. nat. PhD Thesis: ‘Photodynamic therapy and diagnosis in Epidermolysis bullosa and inflammatory skin’
June 2013, Daniela Feinweber, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ‘Comparative in vitro studies on thecharacteristics of different new hypericin polymerconjugates applicable as photosensitizers in PDT’
May 2013, Birgit Wimmer, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ‘Can the beneficial effects of Bad Gastein’sradon therapy be attributed to cellular repairor protective mechanisms?’
May 2013, Petra Cantonati, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ‘Expression of immune stimulating factors of CT26mouse colon carcinoma cells under hypoxic conditions’
December 2012, Julia Knaup, Mag. rer. nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´Gene expression profiles of different epidermolysis bullosa cell lines´
December 2012, Marina Linecker, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ´Interaction of ALA-induced formation and phototoxicity of endogenous protoporphyrin IX with the pro-inflammatory state of human skin cells´

June 2012, Verena Lunzer, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ´Photodynamic treatment using PVP-curcumin as photosensitizer induces apoptosis in a human cancer cell line´

January 2012, Nicole Strobl, B.Sc. Master Thesis: ´Mechanisms of therapeutic effects on the cellular level upon radon therapy´

June 2011, Renata Sanovic, Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´From molecular mechanisms to in vivo effects of low-dose photodynamic treatment with natural photosensitizers´

January 2011, Emanuele Bernardinelli, B.rer.nat. Diploma Thesis: ´Curcumin as a potentially tumor selective photosensitizer: studies on different cell lines´

August 2010, Veronika Gfrerer, B.rer.nat. Diploma Thesis: ´In-vitro study on the application of fluorescence diagnosis for epidermolysis bullosa´

July 2010, Christoph Resl, B.rer.nat. Diploma Thesis: ´Genexpressionsstudien von CYP1B1 in vitro und ex vivo´

February 2009, Juergen Berlanda, Mag.rer.nat. Bakk. biol. Doctoral Thesis: ´Photodynamic Therapy: in vitro experiments and considerations towards an application-oriented approach´

March 2009, Verena Ziegler, B.rer.nat. Diploma Thesis: ´Diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma of epidermolysis bullosa patients by fluorescence diagnosis: an in vitro study´

November 2008, Julia Knaup, B.rer.nat. Diploma Thesis: ´Treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of Epidermolysis bullosa patiens by photodynamic therapy: an in-vitro study´

November 2007, Christian Benno Oberdanner, Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´ROS and antioxidant systems in apoptosis´

November 2007, Sandra Ruhdorfer, Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´Effect of GRP78 (glucose-related protein 78) silencing on hypericin-PDT (photodynamic tumor therapy)´

August 2007, Katrin Flatscher, Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´Biological effects of alpha radiation on the immune functions of Langerhans cells´

August 2007, Tobias Kiesslich, Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´On the cellular mechanisms of PDT´

March 2007, Heidemarie Mair, Bakk. Biol. Diploma Thesis: ´In vitro experimentation on a novel water-soluble formulation of hypericin for bladder cancer diagnosis´

September 2006, Renata Sanovic, Bakk. Biol. Diploma Thesis: ´Gene expression pattern following photodynamic treatment of the carcinoma cell line A-431 analysed by cDNA arrays´

December 2005, Franz Obermair, Bakk. Biol. Diploma Thesis: ´Impact of PDT generated tumour cell lysates on dendritic cell activation´

April 2005, Juergen Berlanda, Bakk. Biol. Diploma Thesis: ´Characterisation of Apoptosis following Hypericin-based Photodynamic Treatment in A431 Human Epidermoid Carcinoma Cells´

March 2004, Franz Gassner. Diploma Thesis: ´Cloning, Expression and Purification of murine Hsp70.1 and Development of Immunochemical Assays´

Februar 2004, Sandra Ruhdorfer . Diploma Thesis: ´Untersuchung von Genexpressionsmustern nach photodynamischer Tumortherapie mittels cDNA-Arrays und Real-Time RT-PCR´

September 2003, Christian Benno Oberdanner. Diploma Thesis: ´Glucose-dependency of PDT-induced apoptosis´

June 2003, Tobias Kiesslich. Diploma Thesis: ´Regulation of Cellular Energy Metabolism: Theoretical Problems and Methodological Approaches´

September 2002, Kristjan Plaetzer, Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´On the energetics of apoptosis´

September 2001, Thomas Verwanger, Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´Gene expression following photodynamic tumour treatment´

November 2000, Isabella Elisabeth Reiter , Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´Differential Effect of Apoptotic versus Necrotic Tumor Cells on Macrophage Antitumor Activities in vitro and Tumor Growth, Development and Treatment in vivo ´

Dezember 1999, Markus Grubinger. Diploma Thesis: ´5-Aminolevulinsaeure induzierte Protoporphyrin IX Akkumulation in L929 Zellen´

Oktober 1998, Gerlinde M. Schnitzhofer, Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´Analyzation of Cell Cycle and Apoptosis Induction Following Photodynamic Tumor Treatment with Endogenous Protoporphyrin IX´

Juni 1997, Thomas Verwanger. Diploma Thesis: ´Influence of Different Polymerases on mRNA Quantification by RT-PCR´

April 1996, Karl Peter Ueberriegler, Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´In-vitro Untersuchungen zum Einsatz des endogenen Photosensibilisators Protoporphyrin-IX in der photodynamischen Lasertherapie von Tumoren: Eine Low Light Imaging Studie´

1995, Dagmar Fiedler, Mag.rer.nat. Doctoral Thesis: ´Photodynamic Therapy, Sensitizers and their Clinical Application´

November 1995, Isabella Elisabeth Reiter. Diploma Thesis: ´The role of Macrophages in photodynamic tumor therapy´

Mai 1995, Elfriede Banieghbal-Girstmair. Diploma Thesis: ´Quantitative and qualitative Bestimmung von ALA-induzierter Protoporphyrin IX-Bildung in Fibroblastenkulturen mittels Fluoreszenzspektrophotometrie und Chromatographie (HPLC) ´

September 1992, Fiedler Dagmar. Diploma Thesis: ´Mutagenitaetstests an Hepatozyten nach Photodynamischer Behandlung ´

Oktober 1991, Alexander K. Hubmer. Diploma Thesis: ´Aufnahmekinetiken verschiedener Photosensibilisatoren in menschliche Hautfibroblastenzellen mittels konfokaler Lasefluoreszenzmikroskopie, Absorptions- und Fluoreszenzspektrophotometrie´