Award of Excellence

of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research

Rewarding the best graduates of doctoral programmes of an academic year. Amount of the Award of Excellence: € 3.000.– (nonrecurring disbursement).

Accredited for Application:

Graduates of doctoral studies


  • Austrian citizenship or citizenship of an European Economic Area country or the equivalent of foreign and stateless persons according to   §4 StudFG (in german only)
  • Graduation of study in the current academic year: final examination successfully completed
  • Compliance with the average duration of doctoral studies
  • Outstanding and best-appraised dissertation

Award Procedures:

  • Awarded per academic year (typicially in autumn)
  • Number of awards: generally one (1)
  • The selection of the applicants is based on the examination results (administrated by the individual faculty’s respectively the School of Education´s Examination Office)
  • There is no explicit announcement
  • Therefore, an application is not possible


The Award of Excellence is carried out within the limits of private sector administration. Consequently, no legal claim for entitlement or amount of the award can be demanded (even if the requirements correlate).

For further information, contact:

Mag. Veronika Tzinlikova  (direct dial: 2458, veronika.tzinlikova(at), Research Support Unit, University of Salzburg, Kapitelgasse 4-6, 5020 Salzburg