Research projects and Open Access

With the signing of the Berlin Declaration on 11 March 2014, the University of Salzburg has publicly committed itself to the principles of open access, encouraging its employees to provide their scientific work in line with these principles.

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is committed to advancing sustained open access to scholarly publications and research data on the web. Publication costs can be requested up to three years after the end of the project. For more details, visit:

Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe

According to the EU research and innovation framework programme Horizon 2020, open access has to be provided for all scientific publications, either via the “green” or “gold” (payment) route. If you choose “gold” open access, respective costs have to be included in the application documents. For more details, visit:

Also within the new research and innovation funding programme until 2027 – Horizon Europe – open access publications and open science principles are mandatory. Please finde more information  here