The Department

Head of Department
Bernhard Pöll
Stellvertreter: Christopher F. Laferl / Agustín Corti

Faculty Council
Chair of Council: Bernhard Pöll
Members: Christopher F. Laferl, Matthias Heinz, Roland Bauer, Markus Ebenhoch, Enrica Rigamonti. In addition: administrative office, three student representatives, one representative of the AKG, one representative each of the Works Council I and II

Speaker of the Curia of Professors: Christopher F. Laferl
Speaker of the Curia of the non professorial teaching staff: Michaela Rückl, Deputy Speaker: Roland Bauer

Curricular Commission (constituent meeting on 31.1.2020)
Chair: Susanne Winter
Deputy Chair: Christopher F. Laferl

Additional members: Matthias Heinz, Bernhard Pöll, Damien Wilhelmy, Michaela Rückl.
In addition three student representatives
Administrative office: Silvia Reichstaler, Christoph Laimböck

Study Groups

The study groups assume tasks in the area of the organisation of teaching and administration on behalf of the head of the department, the Curricular Commission or independently. Specific tasks of the study groups: Coordination of courses offered, formulation of course content, definition of language levels, organisation of the written BA and subject examinations, development of placement and orientation tests.

Study Group Literary Studies: Kathrin Ackermann
Study Group Linguistics: Bernhard Pöll (interim)
Study Group Subject-Specific Didactics: Michaela Rückl
Study Group Language Instruction (French): Petra Brandstötter
Study Group Language Instruction (Italian): Enrica Rigamonti
Study Group Language Instruction (Portuguese): Eloide Kilp
Study Group Language Instruction (Spanish): Agustín Corti