Numerous spheres for shaping research are connected to the broad field of Romance Studies, whereby their areas of manifestation are present in publications, collaborations, events and teaching on the basis of current research focuses. Linguistics and literary studies appear in increasingly close exchange with cultural studies: publications on sociolinguistics, word formation, lexicology, contrastive linguistics, on the non-European Francophonie, on Italianisms in the world and on the documentation of Rhaeto-Romance or Ladin Dolomitan based on atlases within the framework of linguistics of varieties are combined in linguistics with research on semiotics, name research, grammar as well as metrics, prosody, orthography, dialectology and pragmalinguistics, borne by the scientific-theoretical reflection on the subject consciousness of Romance Studies.

Cultural-historical permeation defines the focus of research on the literatures of Latin America, for example of Brazil and Cuba, on translations of the “Populares” as well as the edition of historical letters of Ferdinand I. Societal topicality is also reflected in research on migration in Italian literature, in the study of remembrance literature on the suffering in Nazi concentration camps, as well as on the limits of representation in literature and art. Studies on the literary canon, genre forms and myths in literature are further reflected in the examination of the aesthetics of theatre and its history, as well as in literary and artistic polemics.

Cross-media focuses include research on the relationship between literature and film, the history of television and forms of communication in text and image in interculturality and subject-specific didactics. The development and publication of teaching and learning materials is a central research concern of foreign language didactics.

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