(Specialised) internship and accompanying courses

Module BW B 4 requires you to complete a specialised internship for each of your two teaching subjects. In addition, you will be prepared and supported in the associated accompanying courses. The aim of the module is to plan, organise, reflect on and evaluate lessons independently in regard to the quality of teaching. You will work with the following content: General didactics and methodology, criteria for good lesson planning, individualisation and differentiation, classroom management, teaching and learning with media and technologies, hospitation and observation of subject lessons, planning and implementation of lessons, analysis and discussion with video recordings.

(You can find the courses on  PlusOnline under the designation on the right.)

  • BW B 4.1 PS Planning, designing and evaluating teaching/learning arrangements (part of the PPS) | BW B 4.1 PS Lehr-/Lernarrangements planen, gestalten und evaluieren (Teil der PPS)
  • BW B 4.2 PS Further development of professional competence (part of the PPS) | BW B 4.2 PS Weiterentwicklung der Professionskompetenz (Teil der PPS)
  • BW B 4.3 PR Internship A (part of the PPS) | BW B 4.3 PR Praktikum A (Teil der PPS)
  • BW B 4.4 PR Internship B (part of the PPS) | BW B 4.4 PR Praktikum B (Teil der PPS)

Recommended semester: 5th semester
Requirements: Positive completion of the following courses:

  • Module BW B 1 Fundamentals of the teaching profession 1: Teaching and learning in the school context. | Modul BW B 1 Grundlagen des Lehrberufs 1: Lehren und Lernen im Kontext der Schule.
  • Module BW B 2 Fundamentals of the teaching profession 2: Teaching and teaching as a profession. | Modul BW B 2 Grundlagen des Lehrberufs 2: Beruf Lehrer/in und Unterricht.
  • If applicable, further prerequisites in the subject. 

The participation in the internship requires a pre-regristration. You can find more information on  PlusOnline.