Name of Course of Studies
Master in Language Sciences

Short Description of Studies
The master in Language Sciences acquaints students with the state-of-the-art in selected linguistic disciplines. It offers a language-oriented specialization in one of five possible subjects. The M.A.’s centrepiece is its unique training providing students with up-to-date skills in the interpretation of diverse linguistic facts, in the application of adequate methods, and in both data analysis and theoretical modelling.

How long does the course take?
The course of studies takes 4 regular terms and is worth 120 ECTS-points.

Which degree do I obtain?
Upon completion, students will receive an M.A.

Which potential occupations can I take up based on the degree? What prospects for professional employment are there?

Depending on the choice of their specialization, graduates of the M.A. in Language Sciences may find employment in the following professional domains:

  • academic research and teaching at university level or at research institutes in Austria and abroad
  • adult education and in-house/external teaching in the areas of linguistics and individual languages at language schools and institutes
  • linguistics-related library work involving info-retrieval, cataloguing and archiving of language materials and research sources, including the design of future presentations to potential users
  • science-/academic and literary translation
  • academic publishing/editing, text and information design
  • linguistic and cultural mediation/consulting for the media, advertising, public relations,commerce, tourism, cultural institutes and NGOs
  • speech and language therapy

Owing to the breadth of the acquired competencies and in-depth language skills, graduates will also have good prospects in such areas of employment as, for instance, politics, general administration, management, and the diplomatic service.

Where can I effectively apply for a place on the M.A.? Who can I turn to for information and advice?

In-depth information on the M.A. in Language Sciences is provided on the homepage of the Department of Slavonic Languages and Literatures at:

Specialization English and American Studies
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hartmut Stöckl

Specialization German Studies
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stephan Elspaß

Specialization General and Diachronic Linguistics
Ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Lindner

Specialization Romance Languages and Literatures
Mag. Monika Messner

Specialization Slavonic Languages and Literatures
Ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. DDr. Ulrich Theißen

Student Representatives in Charge
English and American Studies