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Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Stöggl
AG-Trainings- und Motorikwissenschaft, Motorik und Biomechannnik, Erasmus Beauftragter, Anrechnung von Lehrveranstaltungen bei Auslandsaufenthalten

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Stöggl
Schlossallee 49, 5400 Hallein , Austria

Tel.: 43-(0)662-8044-4884



  • Cardiorespiratory and metabolic response to various types of winter activities (alpine skiing vs. cross-country skiing, vs. indoor training) in different age groups and different fitness levels
  • Mechanical and metabolic power/work calculations in various types of locomotion: Energy calculations, comparison between different types of locomotion, analysis of motion of the center of mass, development and validation of models of propulsion in various types of locomotion.
  • Cardiorespiratory and metabolic effects of cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and indoor training on fitness and health in elderly
  • Integrative biomechanics and physiology of whole body work
  • Analysis of efficiency of various endurance training regimes (Polarized vs. HIT vs. HVT vs. Threshold,…) in endurance trained athletes
  • Strength and endurance training in endurance trained athletes – effects of maximal strength, maximal speed, explosive strength, etc. on endurance performance
  • Development and analysis of XC skiing specific strength training and strength testing devices
  • Performance diagnostics in XC skiing with a special focus on maximal skiing speed
  • Determination of performance describing criteria of XC skiing
  • Technique analysis and technique development for XC skiing with a special focus on sprint skiing (e.g. double push skiing, new sprinter skiing techniques, etc.)
  • Development and evaluation of sport equipment (biomechanical and physiological methods).- Analysis of pole properties during XC skiing using kinetic and 3D kinematic methods- development of a new clap skating system for XC skiing (Innovation Stöggl 2008)- development of a new XC skis for application of the double push technique (Innovation/Patent Stöggl 2010)- Gait analysis using various foot apparel (e.g. MBT shoes)
  • Effects of activity and supplementation in repeated high intensity bouts of longer duration
  • Gait analysis and joint loadings (ankle, knee, hip, spine) with application of unstable shoe conditions