Rehearsal plan


Geprobt wird in der Regel einmal in der Woche. Zusätzlich besteht die Möglichkeit, freiwillig an der Stimmbildung teilzunehmen, wo wir unsere Stimmen in kleineren Gruppen schulen.

There basis of our choir’s progress is made in weekly rehearsals. There is the additional (and recommended) option to participate in vocal lessons in small groups. 

Start of rehearsals: Winter semester: 5.10.2022 at 19:30 
Voice lessons: Monday and Wednesday from 18:30, upon individual schedule
Weekly rehearsal: every Wednesday from 19:30 

Additionally, there are one to two rehearsal weekends per semester.
The dates of these are mutually agreed on. 


The rehearsal room is on the ground floor of the building of the Great University Aula (Große Universitätsaula). 
Lecture Hall (Hörsaal) 101, Katholisch-theologische Fakultät, Universität Salzburg
Universitätsplatz 1, 5020 Salzburg
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There are usually three concerts per year: One New Year’s concert, one Passion concert and a final concert in June, before the semester ends. The next concert dates can be found under Konzerte.
We are also happy to aid in events of Salzburg University.
On this behalf, feel free to contact our choir conductor Alexander Steinbacher (E-Mail: ).