A number of different workflows for bioanalytical research have been established in the Core Facility Bioanalytics. Details of the different workflows as well as the experimental procedures can be retrieved in the respective publications listed below  

  • Shotgun proteome analysis employing up to 16-plex TMT isobaric labelling for differential quantification

Strasser L, Dang HH, Schwarz H, Asam C, Ferreira F, Horejs-Hoeck J, Huber CG
 Unbiased quantitative proteomics reveals a crucial role of the allergen context for the activation of human dendritic cells
Scientific Reports 7(1),16638 (2017)

  • Phosphoproteome analysis upon phosphopeptide enrichment

Scheidt T, Alka O, Gonczarowska-Jorge H, Gruber W, Rathje F, Dell’Aica M, Rurik M, Kohlbacher O, Zahedi R, Aberger F, Huber C
 Phosphoproteomics of short-term hedgehog signaling in human medulloblastoma cells
Cell Communication and Signaling 18(1), 99 (2020)

  • Single protein peptide mapping for sequence confirmation and PTM detection

Grassi L, Regl C, Wildner S, Gadermaier G, Huber C, Cabrele C, Schubert M
 Complete NMR Assignment of Succinimide and Its Detection and Quantification in Peptides and Intact Proteins
Analytical Chemistry 89(22), 11962–11970 (2017)

Zauner F, Dall E, Regl C, Grassi L, Huber C, Cabrele C, Brandstetter H
 Crystal Structure of Plant Legumain Reveals a Unique Two-Chain State with pH-Dependent Activity Regulation
The Plant Cell 30, tpc.00963.2017 (2018)

Samonig M, G. HC, Scheffler K
 lc/ms analysis of the monoclonal antibody rituximab using the q exactive benchtop orbitrap mass spectrometer
thermo application note #591, (2013)

  • Extravesiculomics

Gomes F, Cronemberger Andrade A, Wolf M, Hochmann S, Krisch L, Maeding N, Regl C, Poupardin R, Ebner-Peking P, Huber C, Meisner-Kober N, Schallmoser K, Strunk D
 Synergy of Human Platelet-Derived Extracellular Vesicles with Secretome Proteins Promotes Regenerative Functions
Biomedicines 10, 238 (2022)

  • Disulfide mapping

Wildner S, Griessner I, Stemeseder T, Regl C, Soh {, Stock {, V{\”o}lker T, Alessandri C, Mari A, Huber C, Stutz H, Brandstetter H, Gadermaier G
 Boiling down the cysteine-stabilized LTP fold – loss of structural and immunological integrity of allergenic Art v 3 and Pru p 3 as a consequence of irreversible lanthionine formation
Molecular Immunology 116, 140–150 (2019)

  • Intact Protein Analysis – Molecular mass

Mohr J, Swart R, Samonig M, Bohm G, Huber C
 High-efficiency nano- and micro-HPLC – High-resolution Orbitrap-MS platform for top-down proteomics
Proteomics (10), 3598–3609 (2010)

  • Intact Protein Analysis – Oxidation

Regl C, Wohlschlager T, Holzmann J, Huber C
 A Generic HPLC Method for Absolute Quantification of Oxidation in Monoclonal Antibodies and Fc-Fusion Proteins Using UV and MS Detection
Analytical Chemistry 89, (2017)

  • Intact Protein Analysis – Glycosylation

Lebede M, Di Marco F, Esser-Skala W, Hennig R, Wohlschlager T, Huber C
 Exploring the Chemical Space of Protein Glycosylation in Noncovalent Protein Complexes: An Expedition Along Different Structural Levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Employing Mass Spectrometry
Analytical Chemistry , (2021)

  • Intact Protein Analysis – Glycation

Esser-Skala W, Wohlschlager T, Regl C, Huber C
 A Simple Strategy to Eliminate Hexosylation Bias in the Relative Quantification of N-Glycosylation in Biopharmaceuticals
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59, (2020)

  • Intact Protein Analysis – Truncation

Böttinger K, Huber C, Esser-Skala W, Segl M, Herwig C
 At-line quantitative profiling of monoclonal antibody products during bioprocessing using HPLC-MS
Analytica Chimica Acta 1207(1207), (2022)

  • Intact Protein Analysis – Charge variants

Di Marco F, Berger T, Esser-Skala W, Rapp E, Regl C, Huber C
 Simultaneous Monitoring of Monoclonal Antibody Variants by Strong Cation-Exchange Chromatography Hyphenated to Mass Spectrometry to Assess Quality Attributes of Rituximab-Based Biotherapeutics
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(16), 9072 (2021)

  • Intact Protein Analysis – Phosphorylation

Scheidt T, Alka O, Gonczarowska-Jorge H, Gruber W, Rathje F, Dell’Aica M, Rurik M, Kohlbacher O, Zahedi R, Aberger F, Huber C
 Phosphoproteomics of short-term hedgehog signaling in human medulloblastoma cells
Cell Communication and Signaling 18(1), 99 (2020)

  • Intact Protein Analysis – 1- and 2-dimensional peptide/protein fractionation

Melchior K, Tholey A, Heisel S, Keller A, Lenhof H, Meese E, Huber C
 Proteomic Study of Human Glioblastoma Multiforme Tissue Employing Complementary Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography- and Mass Spectrometry-Based Approaches
Journal of proteome research 8, 4604-14 (2009)

  • Metabolome analysis – Targeted analysis of small metabolites

Althammer M, Regl C, Herburger K, Blöchl C, Voglas E, Huber C, Tenhaken R
 Overexpression of UDP‐sugar pyrophosphorylase leads to higher sensitivity towards galactose providing new insights into the mechanisms of galactose toxicity in plants
The Plant Journal 109, (2021)

  • Metabolome analysis – Untargeted metabolomics

Licha D, Vidali S, Aminzadeh-Gohari S, Alka O, Breitkreuz L, Kohlbacher O, Reischl R, Feichtinger R, Kofler B, Huber C
 Untargeted Metabolomics Reveals Molecular Effects of Ketogenic Diet on Healthy and Tumor Xenograft Mouse Models
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20, 3873 (2019)

Ranninger C, Schmidt L, Rurik M, Limonciel A, Jennings P, Kohlbacher O, Huber C
 Improving global feature detectabilities through scan range splitting for untargeted metabolomics by high-performance liquid chromatography-Orbitrap mass spectrometry
Analytica Chimica Acta 930, (2016)