Bachelor Thesis

It is recommended to look for a place in the 5th semester. As communicated by the StV, there is an official list of the FB with bachelor thesis topics.
This list can be found on the FB homepage under Studies/Procedure BA Theses at the FB Biosciences and Medical Biology. There you will also find the link for the registration of the bachelor thesis as well as the guideline for the preparation of the bachelor thesis in the subject Molecular Biosciences.

Fixed place allocation

The department strictly adheres to the PlusOnline guidelines when allocating fixed places. Thereby, different criteria are decisive (completeness of the STEOP, achieved ECTS, duration of studies…).

Training Labs (Master Med. Bio)

Please contact the laboratory directors listed on PlusOnline directly to make arrangements.
Unfortunately, internships in external laboratories cannot be recognized.

Optional modules

The FB is aware of the fact that too few places are available. This is due to the tight personnel situation. If you have not received a fixed place, you can bring forward the bachelor thesis. Please note the explanations in the section “Bachelor thesis”.