Dr. Markus Ellmer BSC MSC

Dr. Markus Ellmer BSC MSC
former PhD HRM group

Kapitelgasse 5-7, 5020 Salzburg


Short Biography

Studies of Social Economy (BSc, MSc) and Sociology (BSc) at the Johannes Kepler University, Linz
DFG Project Associate at the Institute of Sociology (Dep. Economic and Organizational Sociology), Johannes Kepler Universit, Linz
Teaching Associate at the Institute of Sociology, Johannes Kepler University, Linz
Teaching and Research Associate at the Department for Social Sciences and Economics, University of Salzburg. 
In February 2020 Markus Ellmer received his doctorate with distinction in Economic Sciences. His dissertation had the title “Sociomaterial perspectives on the consequences of digital HRM practices for people working and managing in organisations”

Research Interests

  • e-HRM
  • data-driven HRM
  • digital labor
  • platform economy

teaching interests

  • Sociology of Work
  • Sociology of Organization
  • Methods (Case Studies)

selected publications

  • Ellmer, M. (2015): The Digital Division of Labor. Design Patterns of Amazon Mechanical Turk and the Governing of Human Computation Labor. Momentum Quarterly 4(3), 174-186.
  • Pernicka, S./Lücking, S./Ellmer, M. (2016): Wissensarbeit und Professionen – Zwei Grundformen hochqualifizierter Arbeit zwischen Autonomie und Verwertungslogik. In: T. Haipeter (Hrsg.): Angestelltensoziologie.
  • Springer VS. Ellmer, M./Hofmann, J. (Eds., 2016): Digitale Arbeit und Plattformkapitalismus. Kurswechsel 2/2016.