Logo of HRM group We follow the Leibniz‘ premise theoria cum praxi, where research and practices should not exclude, but mutually enrich each other. To satisfy this premise, we focus on these two pillars and their synergetic relationship in teaching. Our teaching is focused on work and people in organizations. In the Bachelor programs we teach Organization, Human Resources, and Management. As a basis you will learn about fundamental mechanisms from social psychology of people (motivation, group, conflict), the organization (theoretical lenses, theories and structures), leadership as interactive part of management (power, leadership) and Human Resource Management as the management function that brings fitting workforce into the organization and keeps it there. Bachelor theses about people in organizations, their management and organizations themselves can be written in the interdisciplinary seminar “OPM in der digitalisierten Arbeitswelt” (Organization, Human Resources and Management in the digitalized world of work). In this seminar we accept bachelor topics from the areas of organization, HRM and management, as well as theses that discuss the consequences of digitalization in these areas. In the Master programs we offer the special sections Human Resource Management (HRM) including the modules Strategic HRM“ and „Functional HRM“. With an academic education with strong reference to practice, covering central tasks of contemporary human resource management, prepares candidates for a successful career in HR and personnel management and as well serves as an entry point for further study programs. Choosing one of the modules offered provides a good addendum for candidates who plan to take responsibilities for employers during their careers. We’re also happy to supervise your master thesis on the subject of HRM. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Astrid Reichel.