Organization, Human Resources, and Management (OPM)

People in Organizations


  • Lecture Course OPM

Fundamental knowledge about the social psychology of people (motivation, group, conflict), the organization (lenses, theories and structures), leadership as interactive part of management (power, leadership) and Human Resource Management as the management function, that recruits fitting workforce and develops it, will be taught in this lecture course in dialogue with the students.

 VO Organization, Human Resources, and Management  



  • Introductory Seminar Course OPM

Chosen topics from the lecture course OPM will be discussed in more detail in the pro-seminar OPM, a very interactive course including actions and reflexion by students.
As methods we use case studies, role playing, group problem solving and a business simulation game.

 PS Organization, Human Resources, and Management



  • Interdisciplinary Seminar “OPM in a Digital Working World”

In the centre of this interdisciplinary seminar lies the question, how the digitalization of the current workplace influences and changes organizational and HRM processes as well as industrial relations.
Together we establish a comprehensive understanding of theory and practice of digitalization in organizations from a business administration and legal perspective, so that later we can support you in writing your bachelor thesis in this topical area.

 ISE OPM in a digital working world



  • Interdisciplinary Seminar “OPM and Sustainability”

The aim of this interdisciplinary seminar is to develop a comprehensive and reflective understanding of theory and practice of sustainability processes in organization from a management perspective.Participants discuss broad research questions before writing their bachelor thesis.

ISE OPM and Sustainability



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 Introduction to research methods