Every organization needs to apply some form of Personnel or Human Resource Management. To sustain as an organization, it is essential to find a fitting workforce and to motivate it to work according to an organization’s objectives. There are numerous options to determine who takes which tasks and how a task is supposed to be done.

The specialization HRM provides a founded overview over HRM tasks, practices to fulfil these tasks, and deals with important surrounding conditions and contexts that co-determine how HRM can be organized. As legal conditions are critical in practice, the specialization provides a perfect fit with the studies „Law and Economics“.

The  Forum Personal of the ÖPWZ, the major association of HR managers in Austria, published HRM standards, including their estimation of the most important areas of HRM. The contents of the master specialization cover these standards. Students are hence well-prepared for a career as HRM or personnel managers.
Further career perspectives include business and personnel consulting, stakeholder organizations (e.g. chambers) or general management and personnel administration.

The specialization includes the modules “Strategic HRM“ (including the VO and UV HRM in context and the seminar HRM interdisciplinary) and “Functional HRM“ (including VO, UV HRM Practices)


  • VO HRM Practices

The course presents reflected knowledge over the tasks of HRM and available practises, of interdependencies as well as research findings explaining why certain practices can lead to the desired goal (or not) under certain circumstances. ·

 VO HRM practices


  • UV HRM Practices / Special Topics: Human Resource Management and Digitalization

Students elaborate selected tasks, such as recruiting, by a combination of input and interactive learning in groups, with a focus on recent developments, such as digitalization.

 UV HRM practices 


  • VO HRM in Context

A holistic perspective on HRM and its relationships with different contexts, such as culture, at different subsidiaries in international corporations or worldwide trends, such as diversity or sustainability, will provide students with a reflected view on greater coherences forming HRM decisions in organizations, and enable them to co-shape strategic alignment. ·

 VO HRM in context


  • UV HRM in Context / Human Resource Management and Digital Technology 

Students elaborate selected tasks, such as role expectations towards HR managers in an international comparison, by a combination of input, interactive learning in groups and discussions with their colleagues in the panel. ·

 UV HRM in context


  • HRM Interdisciplinary

The legal conditions strongly influence which can be implemented via which practices. Supervised by the course teachers, students will write pre-academic works, including a legal as well as a business part on topics highly relevant for business, such as the introduction of an incentive scheme. ·

 SE HRM interdisciplinary


  • Support Seminar Master Thesis: Business Economics

We’re also happy to supervise your master thesis on the subject of HRM. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Astrid Reichel.
We can also provide you with suggestions for topics for your master thesis.

 SE Master Thesis: Business Economics I for Law and Economics