This is how you find us!


Toskanatrakt in der Salzburger Altstadt
Image credits: © M. Maier
Since the summer semester of 2023, a part of the Department of Business has been located in the temporary quarters of the Toskanatrakt, Churfürststraße 1, 5020 Salzburg.

Passage between Courtyards

Toskanatrakt Durchgang Innenhöfe
Image credits: © M. Maier
Above the passage between the two courtyards (window with sun blinds on the right side of the 1st floor), you’ll find the Marketing department.

Entrance 7

Eingang 7
Image credits: © M. Maier
Access is through the passage between the courtyards via Entrance 7 and Staircase 7 to the 1st floor.

1st Floor – Offices

BWL Zugang
Image credits: © M. Maier
On the right side of the 1st floor, you’ll find the entrance to the offices of the Department of Business (temporary quarters), rooms 151 – 154.